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SGC Midland Blogpost (5)

More Like Mary!

Since our study of John 12:1-11 last Sunday, I am still being affected about how influential Judas was in manipulating the opinions of the other disciples about whether someone can worship Jesus "too much".  On the heels of Mary's pouring out the entire contents of the perfume that was worth one year of salary as an expression of unconditional sacrifice, unlimited devotion and unashamed adoration of Jesus, Judas immediately protested about how wasteful Mary's sacrifice was. And it almost seemed the entire room erupted in angry agreement.

John 12:4-6
4 But Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples (he who was about to betray him), said, 5 “Why was this ointment not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?” 6 He said this, not because he cared about the poor, but because he was a thief, and having charge of the moneybag he used to help himself to what was put into it." 

Mark 14:4-5
4 There were some who said to themselves indignantly, “Why was the ointment wasted like that? 5 For this ointment could have been sold for more than three hundred denarii and given to the poor.” And they scolded her."   

Matthew 26:8-9
8 And when the disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste? 9 For this could have been sold for a large sum and given to the poor.”

The three accounts seem to indicate that Judas' opinion about when something was wasteful versus when it was worshipful was the loudest voice that informed and shaped the response of even the disciples. Are there ever times in our lives when we value the opinions of others about how we worship Jesus more than we value the Jesus we worship? It seems that our world has no problem with some form of worship of Christ as long as it is in moderation. But it is also a world that has no problem with too much wealth or power or sex. And it is a world that has a big problem with too much Christianity. You can be any kind of Christian you want, as long as you are not "too Christian".

Mary's sacrifice, devotion, and adoration was very much in proportion to the worth of Jesus as her Lord and Savior. It was Judas' idea of worship and waste that was way out of proportion to the infinite worth of Jesus. We cannot love, sacrifice for, be devoted to, or adore Jesus too much...not if we are worshipping Him for all He is worth! Lord, please give us the grace to know and worship you more like Mary!

This Sunday our text is John 12:12-19. 

The Lord bless you and keep you in His peace!!! 

I can't wait to see you and worship with you!