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Christmas…the excitement on the faces of children, the happiness of reunited families and friends, the multicolored lights joyfully piercing the mundane darkness of our evening skies, the beauty of the hymns of the season, and the welcome change of pace of extra days off…these are just a few of the ways we celebrate Christmas.  But they all lack something.  They all lack permanence.  If we are looking for permanent love, hope and peace, we must look beyond our gift-giving, get-togethers, and office parties. We must look to The Promise of Christmas.  This was a Promise that sustained hopeless people living in depraved times.  This was a Promise that became a presence through a baby born to two hopeless parents during  a desperate time.  This is a Promise that will be a permanent, living hope to all who place their faith in the life, death and resurrection of the Promised One. Come celebrate The Promise of Christmas with us each Sunday of December as we study the promises God made and the promises God kept through the Savior born in Bethlehem.