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Discipleship Groups are a key part of our strategy to Enourage One Another. Because we long to see communities of disciples made and matured, we encourage you to get involved in a Discipleship Group. Discipleship Groups are a context for fellowship, prayer, accountabilty, growth, and deepening our understanding of Scripture. This is a wonderful context to apply the "one-anothers" of Scripture and to grow together. Life Groups are also a context for engaging our lost world together and learning what it is to be a community of disciples on mission. 

What are Discipleship Groups?
  • Three to five people committed to meeting together on a regular basis.
How often do Discipleship Groups meet?
  • We recommend every other week, but you can meet more often if it serves the group.
When do Discipleship Groups meet?
  • Whenever all three of the Life Group members can meet (any day, any time).
How long do the meetings last?
  • Each group should decide how much time they want/need to have a productive and fruitful meeting.
Who makes up a Discipleship Group?
  • You decide who you want to be in a Life Group with, then go ask those people to be in a Life Group with you. You can start by asking “Who do I have good fit with already and who do I have a heart for?” If someone is already be committed to a group, allow them the freedom to say so and to decline, as we don't recommend being in more than two Life Groups.
How long will I have to be in a Discipleship Group with these people?
  • Life Groups have multiplication as a goal, so from the beginning the group has a shared understanding that hopefully more Life Groups will be birthed out of their Life Group.
How does a Discipleship Group multiply?
  • While Life Groups are initially made up of three people, at some point the group may pull in a fourth person. Eventually, that Life Group of four could divide into two new Life Groups, each pair picking up a third person to form their new Life Group.
How does it work for married couples?
  • Three men can be a Life Group and their wives can be a Life Group. Or a man's wife may choose to create a Life Group with two other women. The wives of a men's Life Group are not automatically in a Life Group. Wives/women are encouraged to form Life Groups based on best fit and the Lord’s leading more than on whom their husbands are in a Life Group with.
What about mixed-gender Discipleship Groups?
  • Because of the personal and intimate level of relationship that we hope to develop, and because of the unique struggles that men and women face, Life Groups will either be all male or all female.
What do we do in the Discipleship Group meeting?
  • Bible/study, personal needs/struggles, prayer/intercession
Who leads Discipleship Groups?
  • Anyone can lead a Life Group! Some Life Groups will be birthed out of another Life Group. Others will start up spontaneously.
How do I get into a Discipleship Group?
  • All you have to do is find two other people you want to be in a Life Group with and ask them to starting meeting with you. You should start with people who are not already in a Life Group. Many who are already in a Life Group may not be able to be in a second Life Group as well. We recommend no one be in more than two Life Groups at any given time. 
How can Discipleship Groups help us reach out to lost people?
  • In addition to personal, one-to-one evangelism, the Life Group can become a wonderful context for you to reach out to lost people as a community of disciple makers. As you live life and infiltrate your community, you can invite your Life Group to go with you. Go to the park with your Life Group and try to start up gospel conversations with people there. Invite co-workers to a ball game and ask your Life Group to come along. Life Groups, especially when wives and children are a part, become a small group outreach arm that you put together, targeting the people you are trying to reach.