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Neighborhood Outreach SLIDE


"The greatest kindness we will ever offer anyone
is to prepare them for heaven and warn them about hell
by declaring the gospel with our lips and our lives."
Pastor Billy

1. How do I sign up? Provide your name and other requested information on the SIGNUP FORM. You will receive a confirmation message with information on how to prepare. You will also receive a reminder email 2 days before the date of outreach.


2. What is the goal of SGC’s Neighborhood Outreach? Share the Gospel in hopes of bringing about salvation and resulting connection to the local church as we invite SGC’s neighbors to church via door-to-door campaign.

3. What exactly are we going to do? Walk with Neighborhood Outreach Leader according to set path according to SGC’s plan to visit SGC’s neighbors. Each team will knock on the door of each home; and if there is no answer, leave a door-hanger invitation to SGC with a Gospel tract. If there is an answer, the team will provide a gift bag that contains information about SGC’s beliefs and small gift, including a Gospel statement. Then ask permission to share SGC’s main beliefs; and if the neighbor grants permission, share the Gospel. As God leads, pray with the neighbor and have any other conversation that leads toward expressing God’s pursuit, love, kindness and Gospel call towards the neighbor.