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SGC Midland Blogpost (4)

Mandatory mask laws, lockdowns, curfews, limited medical support, limited supply of oxygen tanks, and multiple deaths. Those are some of the ways to describe the current impact of COVID-19 in Nepal. Food stores are operating on limited hours and many neighborhoods have assigned windows of time when they are allowed to leave their home. Law enforcement is on patrol to ensure any travel is limited to essential purposes only (food, medical, etc.) While churches were allowed to gather in limited numbers a few months back, they have now been forced back to virtual meetings only. Our partnering pastor in Nepal has been working tirelessly with his team to get food, support, oxygen tanks, and care for the sick and dying in his own church, as well as the churches he pastors and oversees.

All of this while facing his own health challenges and trying to care for and protect his family. During most of this time, he was providing end of life care for his aging father, who just recently went to be with the Lord.In addition to large numbers of the population dying from COVID-19, we have been told over 130 pastors have died as well, creating an even greater void and need for pastoral leadership in the many growing churches across the country.

Throughout the last 18 months, Sovereign Grace has been able to come alongside our churches in Nepal and care for them, and our partner and his churches wish to say a big thank you to Sovereign Grace Churches for the financial support provided during this crisis. These funds have been used in his church directly, since giving has been significantly impacted, and have been able to provide food and medical care to those most affected by COVID-19, as well as temporary financial support to several pastors in remote areas. Thank you so much!!

In God's kindness, He is using this time in surprising ways. With travel in Nepal restricted, providing care and resources to pastors and churches in remote areas is a real challenge. This has meant that many have had to innovate and figure out the technical challenges of living in a virtual world, and so Pastors are learning to use Zoom or other virtual options for the first time.

This has allowed our primary partner pastor the ability to connect with some 50-60 pastors around the country for weekly Zoom meetings, where he can care for these pastors and equip them through focused Bible studies. We were recently invited to participate in these pastoral Zoom meetings and work through our 7 shared values. God is so kind to us and what a joy it is to share these things with these brothers! Getting used to using this medium has also enabled these pastors to provide care to their flocks while physical gatherings are prohibited.

The situation is still so difficult and the need for on-going prayer and support is still great. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Pray for our church planting pastor and the churches he serves
  • Take time on a Sunday morning to share about the situation in Nepal and pray corporately
  • Adopt an unreached people group in Nepal and pray for that group (Joshua Project or Operation World are great resources for evaluating the opportunities)
  • Give to the Sovereign Grace Missions Fund so that more of our partnering pastors and churches around the world can experience the benefit of partnering together in gospel ministry

Thank you, Sovereign Grace Churches, for the ways you have generously and graciously showed God’s love for the church in Nepal.