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Continuationism Weekender

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September 16, 2022 to September 17, 2022

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Location: 2901 W Kansas Avenue, Midland, TX 79701


What does the Bible actually teach about the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit in the church today? Should vibrant charismatic experience come at the expense of Biblical truth? Should a high view of God’s word keep us from experiencing the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit?  Is it possible for the word of God and the work of the Spirit to go hand in hand?

Perhaps you’ve experienced abuses and excesses in charismatic practice and are skeptical. Maybe you’ve been taught that certain gifts have ceased. Maybe you haven’t experienced the supernatural in your own life and desire to know more. Join us for a time of teaching, discussion, interaction, and Q/A as we explore what the Bible teaches about the ongoing work of the spirit in the church today.

7:00p Session 1: The Greatest Gift of All: How Gospel Centrality Fuels and Anchors Spiritual Gifts
8:00p Session 2: The Unfolding Work of The Holy Spirit: The Biblical Contours of Presence, Power, and Expectancy
8:45p Q & A
9:00p END
9:00a Session 3: The Gift of Prophecy in the NT Church and Today
10:00a Session 4: The On-Going Work of the Spirit through Other Revelatory and Miraculous Gifts 
11:00a Q & A
12:00p END

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