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Believing is Seeing

By God's great grace, a saving belief in Jesus opens our eyes to see the King in all of His beauty!...

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Ashamed I Hear My Mocking Voice Call Out Among the Scoffers...

SGC Midland Blogpost (6)

We typically think that the Palm Sunday crowd is the same group of people as the Good Friday crowd. Which crowd do you think you would have been in?...

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More Like Mary!

SGC Midland Blogpost (5)

We cannot love, sacrifice for, be devoted to, or adore Jesus too much...not if we are worshipping Him for all He is worth!...

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Unprecedented Oil Prices Seen Through the Lens of a God Whose Providence is His Precedent


Perhaps like many of you, I swallowed hard and felt sick to my stomach a few times yesterday as I learned that the benchmark price for crude oil fell below zero for the first time in history. As I scanned the news feeds and listened to news media, a common word was used…”Unprecedented…Unprecedented…Unprecedented”. For residents of the oil rich Permian Basin, as...

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Redeemer: The Advent of Christ in the Book of Ruth (December Series)

Welcome to our 2018 Advent Series, “Redeemer - The Advent of Christ in the Book of Ruth”! I am so excited to learn and grow with you as we learn how the book of Ruth points us to God’s promise and plan to send The Redeemer!...

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The Promise of Christmas


Come celebrate The Promise of Christmas with us each Sunday of December as we study the promises God made and the promises God kept through the Savior born in Bethlehem. ...

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund


Like so many of you, our prayers and hearts go out to all of those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. I wanted to let you know of a specific way that you can participate in helping with the recovery. Sovereign Grace Churches, of which we are a part, has established a Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to help the families who have/are suffering losses from the storm among our church...

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